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Diamond Point Commercial Broker L.L.C

           Diamond Point Commercial Broker LLC is a commercial broker company. Diamond Point Commercial Broker L.L.C. started its operations in the year 2004.We are into diversified business like,Real Estate,FMCG Products Wholesale Distributor and Manpower Supplies-Blue Collars.

Products / Services

Real Estates

1. Diamond Point Commercial Broker LLC is operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Want to buy a property in Dubai? Or perhaps wanting to sell your property? We-can-help!

Our mandate is to deliver levels of customer care well above prevailing industry benchmarks, in a rapid and result oriented fashion which adheres strictly to the regulatory framework now governing the local property market. Consequently the staffs we employ are expected to follow a business methodology which demands exceptional honesty, a stringent code of business conduct and total transparency to the client.

Our key objective here is to satisfy all your property needs, whether it be to Buy a property in Dubai, sell a property in Dubai, to rent out your property, or to rent a property for yourself.

Wholesale Distributor-FMCG Products

2. We are also Wholesale dealers of high quality snack delicacies that include Potato Crisps, Pellets, Extruded Snacks and Nuts - Cashew, Almonds, Pistachios and Peanuts.Branded Body Lotion, Blankets, Branded Coffee,&Tea, Massage Oil, Jam, Health Food Supplement, Personal Skin Care & Cosmetic like,Soap,Tooth Paste Talcum Powder ,Baby Oil, Facial Cream ,Cleansing Foam

Manpower Supply

3. We Also do Manpower Supplies for different companies in all across GCC like Plumbers, Carpenters,Electricians,Mason Workers, Security Guards & General Labours.